Blackwood Academy was supposed to be a fresh start for Ashline Wilde. A secluded boarding school deep in the heart of California’s redwood forests, three thousand miles from her old life—it sounded like the escape she so desperately needed after an act of unspeakable violence left a girl in her hometown dead.

But Blackwood is far from the peaceful haven Ashline was searching for.

Because terrifying, supernatural beasts roam the forests around campus.

Because the murderer from Ashline’s hometown—her own sister—has followed her across the country.

Because when you're the reincarnation of a Polynesian volcano goddess, "new beginnings" are only a myth.

"Knight's debut novel is an edgy twist on the magical boarding school theme... it's a fun, well-written, and engaging read with a last-sentence twist. "

-Publisher's Weekly

"In an era when the young adult paranormal and urban fantasy field is blessed with an abundance of great stories and storytellers, WILDEFIRE is an exceptional standout."

-San Diego Union-Tribune

"There's introspection here as well as sizzling sexuality, but the novel's strong narrative thrust relies on action, from violent brawls and accidents to encounters with terrifying, supernatural creatures in the redwood forest. A promising first novel."


"Knight has created a novel quite different from the coming-of-age/paranormal-teen reads that have glutted the market recently. Ash is a wry and interesting protagonist and the romance and gritty, violent action scenes are compelling."

-School Library Journal

"Knight has written a riveting, original multicultural fantasy.  Teens will quickly devour this story and will be relieved to know a sequel is on its way."