who will do anything to cure her dying sister


on a grisly quest to attain immortality


who crossed oceans to free his enslaved son

a trail of riddles

and the mythical treasure they all seek:


A pulse-pounding historical mystery set in Boston, perfect for fans of The Raven Boys, The Da Vinci Code, and Six of Crows.

Continue reading below for a sneak preview of chapter 1.

Chapter 1

Within the hallowed green walls of Fenway Park, forty thousand Red Sox fans rose to their feet. They held their collective breath as a monstrous hit from Gabriel Carrera climbed higher, higher, until the tiny white meteor began its descent toward the right-field fence. When the baseball sailed just clear of the foul pole, the explosive cheers from the stadium could be heard as far away as the Charles River.

Three blocks east, Jack Tides fled through the dark community gardens. With a postcard clutched in one hand and a knife in the other, he was trying to get to a mailbox before the men in the black van found him.

Nox’s boys were coming to kill him tonight.

In the darkness, Jack blindly smashed into a lawn chair and nearly skewered himself on his own blade as he fell. He landed hard in a zucchini patch and briefly lay there dazed, listening to the sounds of the Boston night, searching for any traces of his pursuers. For now, he could only hear the distant commotion from Fenway and the occasional car rushing down Park Drive.

That didn’t mean they weren’t still out there.

If it were anyone else after him, Jack might make a run for the stadium. After all, who would dare execute him in front of thousands of witnesses?

But this was Horace Nox, the nightclub owner, the gangster, the one man in Boston you did not fuck with.

And Jack had stolen from him the one thing he treasured most.